About Us

We are Less Talkin More Sekz, a guild dedicated to all things chaotic and fun. Currently playing Archeage on Kyrios West server, we pride ourselves of our shitty community and even more by sinking your merchant ships. #getgud

What do we do?

Nothing worthy of praise but you will remember us anyways

Here's a percentage of what will happen when we encounter you at sea!

We will quietly let you go
We will try and take your tradepacks
The driver will purposely ram your boat
We will help you

They're coming on me.

-- Wokfoo --

Our members

Lazy and ungrateful. They kicked their own guild leader out of the family and locked them in a house for five minutes. They're dumb. I hate them. #salty4life

Who are we anyways?

These are the games we played


2005 – 2010

The Birth

Guild Wars


2012 - 2014

The Revival

Guild Wars 2


2014 - Present

The Farm Life


Our sponsors

Clients Clients Clients Clients Clients Clients Clients Clients

Ok, I lied. Not really our sponsors. IF YOU SEE THIS PLEASE SPONSOR US.

Our Services

Our services are delivered by our team with years of experience are passionate about developing business.

Our Testimonials

  • Guys, think about it; BPs two best guilds can't even beat Rekz.

  • It feels like they have 40+.

  • At this time, our only option for dealing with unacceptable guild names is to disband the guild. You will need to recreate your guild using an acceptable name to continue as a guild.

    GM Vagrant - ANET

Contact Us

What do you want? Message us and we might read it. Good luck with that.

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